The EFT-Battery-1x is a modular, turn-key battery platform for advanced mobility applications (off-road, boats, motorcycle, utility vehicles).

The battery module comes fully integrated with all relevant electronics (BMS, IMU, Fuses, Precharge Circuit, Contactors), which allows for a simple and safe integration into any vehicle.

The modular design of the battery furthermore allows to adapt all key parameters from shape, cooling, voltage, power and energy to perfectly fit for the clients application.
EFT Mobility Battery Pack
EFT Mobility Battery Pack
EFT Mobility Battery Pack
Power Management


The battery pack includes all necessary components (BMS, IMU, Fuses, Precharge, Contactors)

Smart Monitoring

Custom Shape

The battery pack can be fully adapted in shape to perfectly fit your application.



Our modular design allows configuration with different voltages (40V-800V) and energy content (1kWh - 200kWh)

Key Parameters

Voltage, Energy, Power:
  • Voltage: 12S-192S (40V-800V)
  • Energy: 1kWh - 200kWh
  • Max continuous discharge: up to 5C
  • Max continuous charging: up to 2C
Physical Parameters:
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20C to 60C
  • Battery Cell Format: 21700
  • IP 67 Enclosure
  • Cooling Interface Plate on cell bottom
  • Option 1: Air Cooling
  • Option 2: Liquid Cooling
Included Components:
  • BMS (Battery Management System)
  • IMD (Insulation Monitoring Device)
  • Contactors
  • Precharge
  • Fuses
  • HV Power Connector
  • Communication Connector (CAN)
  • Charging Connector (optional)
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