The Project:

EFT Mobility was responsible for designing a Master Controller for a Turbogenerator. The controller is tasked with maintaining a stable power supply, communicating with all sub-controllers, and handling state machines and error processing.

Master Controller

Step 1: Finding of relevant controller platform

The customer provided a requirements sheet for the controller. Based on the provided specifications, EFT Mobility evaluated several potential controller platforms.

Detailed negotiations with the suppliers allowed us to identify the capabilities of the controllers, and potential limitations to make a clear selection for the best controller platform.

Firmware Programming

Step 2: Software Architecture, Design and Testing

Software Architecture was designed to accommodate all the required functionality. Afterward,  EFT Mobility's Software Team implemented the relevant software functionalities.

All designed software was tested in both SIL (Software in the Loop) as well as HIL (Hardware in the Loop) environments.

Controller Integration

Step 3: Integration into Turbogenerator Powertrain

Once the software design was completed, the master controller was integrated into the full turbogenerator powertrain. The communication to all other controllers as well as the correct interaction with all the sensors and actuators was verified.

Test Lab

Step 4: System Validation

Finally the controller and all its functionality was validated as part of the full system. The powertrain was tested for all functionality as well as fault scenarios.